Armor + Big Laugh


30 Apr 2022 @ 18:00

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Burning WaterReal Life Presents bring you 

A London Kind Of War.

Armor (USA)
The new sound of Florida fury from 11pm Records. D-beat infused hardcore with that stomp you’ve been missing since Violent Reaction split up.

Big Laugh (USA)
Milwaukee youth crew enhanced through the magic of noise to produce something that makes you want to throw your best friend through a table.

Stiff Meds
If you don’t already know where the fuck have you been. Powerviolence speed with NYHC breakdowns. Euthanise me.

Shooting Daggers
The UK answer to Bib? Gouge Away if they’d stayed heavy? Furious and distorted radical feminist hardqueer punk.

Last Affront
Ultra fast UKHC supergroup. Bit like if Heresy time travelled into the NWOBHC movement I guess.

The Annihilated
Real punx getting real angry. Recently made the step up from ‘promising new band’ to ‘future legends’.

Raw chain-punk hardcore from Clapton. Recordings soon.​

New River Studios, Saturday 30th April
£10. 6 bands. Buy tickets while you can. Unleash total chaos.

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