Chimpyfest IX

23 Sep 2022 @ 13:00

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The UK's annual Grindcore premiership event.
Refreshingly low in bullshit, satisfyingly rich in apeshit.

ABORTION - Mincey Grind from Nitra

AVSKUM - Legendary D-beat warriors from Kristinehamn

BLOCKHEADS - Classic grindcore guest lecture from Nancy

BRÜNNER TODESMARSCH - Raw fastcore from Brno

CARNAL DIAFRAGMA - The one and only Teletramgore from Ostrava

CRIPPLED FOX - Hookfilled thrashcore from Budapest

DISAFFECT - Hardcore punx borne of the 90s from Glasgow

DROPDEAD – Surprise visit!! Yes, again and no one's complaining. OG powerful, violent hardcore from Rhode Island

EASTWOOD - Champion grinders from Mainz / Hannover / Lyon, wielding one of the finest grind records of recent times

ENDLESS SWARM - Grindviolence pummeling from Edinburgh

ENDORPHINS LOST - Chunky grind/PV from Seattle

EXORBITANT PRICES MUST DIMINISH - Discount grind from Kanton Bern, incredible value for money

FIXER - Hard-grinding Leeds hardcore, featuring members of Leeds

GADGET - Noisy mixed influence grindcore veterans of Gävle

GENDO IKARI - Techy grindcore disorientation from Glasgow

HACK JOB - Pompey PV bruisers

HETZE - Hardcore Punx Attax from Antwerp/Gent

JACK - Crusty grind savaging from Kiskunhalas

KRUPSKAYA - Experimental grindcore dislocation from Stoke-on-Trent

LIFEWRECKER - Last ever show from the trve falsegrind chaos masters

MATRAK ATTAKK - Raging anarcho-crust from Liege

MONAD - Psyche rejigging breakcore from London

NASTY FACE - Devilishly tricky burblerock from Kanton Luzern

NGANGA - Grinding deathgore of London

NOTHING CLEAN - Total frontal fastnoise assault from Leicester

OKUS - Doomed crust from Drogheda

PIZZA TRAMP - Jolly thrashcore from South Wales

SHEEVA YOGA - Backflip-mad fastcore from Ostrava

SIEGE - You read correctly. Grind-genesis hardcore from Massachusetts. Certainly a UK exclusive, possibly more exclusive than that. BE THERE!

THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN - Leedses joogiest grindoids

TRADING HANDS - North Herts/Notts powerviolernce

TRAVOLTA - Crusty fastcore from Heultje

TRIGGER - Sludge tinted guitar-free grind from Glauchau

TURTLE RAGE - Rapid Turtlecore from Berlin

UXDXS - Goreviolence from Copenhagen

WHO CARES? - A ray of life-disaffirming HxC right from London

We're sorry, but there are no tickets available