28 Apr 2023 @ 18:00

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Real LifeNew Cross Live + Stronger Bookings present

Disgusting music from Tokyo, Japan. Back for more blood after a ridiculous debut last April. If you were there you already know the score. New album 'Untopia' arrives March 17th and it will destroy you.

Gates Of Hell
Barbaric brutality. Really nasty death metal hardcore from Louisville. Music to break jaws to. First time in London, make it special.

Unstoppably violent mosh metal from Essex.

SEHC vegan straightedge metalcore.

Mutagenic Host
New Death Metal formed in the putrid petri dish of a disease-ridden world. Hardest demo of 2023.

Friday 28th April 2023
New Cross Inn
Doors 6pm
Tickets £14 ADV STBF

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