Reality Unfolds 2024

12 Jan 2024 @ 17:00

Real Life Presents

Reality Unfolds 2024

London's premier fest for hardcore, screamo and extreme metal returns for its second year.

Pupil Slicer
Mathcore from hell. Astonishingly heavy and impossible to predict

Italian screamo est. 2011, first UK show in a very long time

Death Goals
Queer hardcore forever

As Living Arrows
Ethereal screamo from Brighton

Miserable screamo twinkles

Good Cop
Chaotic queercore super soldiers

Fuming Mouth
Murderous death metal hardcore. UK Debut for Massachusetts’ hardest. New album Last Day Of Sun out now

Celestial Sanctuary
The present and future of UK Death Metal
Insatiable Thirst For Torment out now.

Dark midlands metalcore

Final Form
Thrashing hardcore rage

Realm of Torment
Soton mosh metal fury

Swamp Coffin
Sludge horribleness from Rotherham

Vegan straightedge metalcore.

Brutal RGHC death metal

Still In Love
Members of Throats, Dead Swans and Last Witness bringing the classic Dark Metalcore sound back

False Reality
London hardcore

Mutagenic Host
London death metal

London antifascist screamo

Genocide Pact
Titanically heavy DC Death Metal. Headlining Sunday to scrape out what's left of your skull on their UK debut

Cage Fight
Furious thrash metal hardcore aggression

Inhuman Nature
Heavy Metal forever

Chalk Hands
Loud sad screamo from Brighton

Ghetto Justice
Berlin Excess core

Full Contact
Savage East Midlands beatdowns

Iron Deficiency
Furious Lyon straight-edge hardcore

No Relief
The big bad BN1

Vegan metalcore gang from London and Kent

South west violence

Harami hardcore sound killaz

Ancient Rivalry
London death metal forged in hardcore

Friday 12th - Sunday 14th January 2024
New Cross Inn
Doors 5pm Friday / 12pm Saturday & Sunday
Super earlybird tickets £25 ADV STBF SOLD OUT
Weekend Tickets £55 ADV STBF
Friday Tickets £18 ADV STBF
Saturday + Sunday Tickets £25 ADV STBF

We're sorry, but there are no tickets available