11 Oct 2023 @ 18:00

Till The Wheels and New Cross Live present

Unhinged and aggressive SPILTs music throws you into a frantic dervish, a frenzied pulpit of sonic rage. Their music invites you into their strange world before it consumes you whole.

Songwriter Morgan Molyneux akin to a bee stung rottweiler, has unleashed Spilt, a 3 headed cyborg from depths of his tripped out brain. In 2018 and 2019 Spilt were handpicked to support FIDLAR on 3 of their last 4 UK shows where SPILT’S infamous psychedelic circus was let loose to sold out crowds at The Ritz, The Forum and Heaven supercharging the release of their 1st Album NO BALL GAMES in late 2019. Meticulously produced by Spilt along with Engineer/producer Jono Tringham at Allo Sound, NO BALL GAMES is a psychedelic journey of well-articulated chaos illustrating our sinister existence and how we are prisoners to the world. NO BALL GAMES acted as a chilling omen for the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and a new world stripped to the bone. Picking up the pieces of what’s left SPILT rise from the grave armed with 3 albums worth of material ready to summon the devil once more. From broken homes in compact streets, there’s a lethal concoction produced by the overflow: SPILT.

Their latest tracksSICK N TIRED and FIX adds to their already blossoming discography, accompanied by a standout video filmed and edited by photographer Charlie Barclay Harris. It tells the tale of taking pills and rotting away.

+ supports

Animal Shithouse
Hardcore punk band from Tunbridge Wells.

Post Punk/Grunge noise, Guildford

Wednesday11th October 2023
New Cross Inn
Doors 6pm
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