02 Oct 2023 @ 18:00

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Rock hasn’t had its last gasp yet: Not with bands like Superbloom around.

Feverish and raw, and with an instantly memorable punch, Brooklyn’s latest rock phenomenon is a group of four guys making the songs that they want to hear. That means searing, overdriven guitars and thrashing drums; heavy, hearty riffs full of fire and flavor; and impassioned, driving vocal melodies that get stuck in your head for weeks on end.

It’s all about the music for Dave Hoon (vocals/guitars), Tim Choate (guitars), Brian DiMeglio (bass) and Matteo Dix (drums), who came together in 2018. This is much more than four friends jamming in a basement; having played in bands for their whole lives while pursuing full-time careers, they formed Superbloom out of a calling they couldn’t deny.

With no room for bluffs or half-hearted attempts, Superbloom introduced themselves with 2020’s “Level Head,” followed the next year by their 12-track debut album Pollen. The record, mixed by Joe Reinhart and Mastered by Will Yip, received critical praise from such influential outlets as Consequence, Visions, and Atwood Magazine, who called it “an explosion of energy that hits hard while cutting to the core of human experience.” To date, its tracks have garnered over 1.7 million global streams on Spotify alone, with “1994”, “Falling Up” and “Daisy” receiving additional radio airplay from BBC Radio 1, Triple J and others. Pollen represents Superbloom’s early era of self-discovery – an era that is already well in the rearview.

Superbloom’s new EP Life’s a Blur is music you can feel in your gut: A conscious progression from Pollen, its songs have a harder edge and an undeniable, ever-present weight. Superbloom reach greater depths of sound through dynamic, varied songs and interludes that range from ethereal to manic, all while retaining those signature hooks, dreamy tones, and infectious bouncy rhythms that made their debut so irresistible. Recorded by Brian DiMeglio at Brooklyn Recording Paradise and mixed/mastered by Zach Tuch, these new songs showcase an expansion into new sonic dimensions and dynamics as Superbloom find themselves in both roaring, heated high-octane songs like “Pig” and “Head First,” as well as the peeled-back, cinematic, and pop-leaning standout, “Tiny Bodyguard.” 

A hard-hitting band with an unapologetic sound, Superbloom is a success story to never give up on your dreams, and they have a lot more in store as they step into a bold new era. “I’d be lying if I said we planned to throw away the playbook for the EP, but I’m glad we did, because everything cool and unfamiliar mushroomed from there — on and off stage,” Dave Hoon says. “Pollen is in the rearview and I’m hungry for what’s next.”

Life’s a Blur is out June 8.

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