Wound Man

02 Jul 2024 @ 18:00

Real Life and Stay True present

Wound Man
Pissed off, stomping powerviolence on Iron Lung records with members of The Rival Mob, Mind Eraser and Have Heart, returning to New Cross Inn after a legendary show in 2022. You know what the fuck is up.

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Flesh Creep
Stomping bleeding maniac hardcore

Liquid Shit
Sludge, death and misery

"We should have a system ... anyone with a receding hairline should get their asses beat by 16 year olds at shows." - Trevor, Wound Man. 
Here are the kids, assemble for your beatings.

Tuesday 2nd July 2024
New Cross Inn
Doors 6pm
Tickets £11 ADV STBF

We're sorry, but there are no tickets available